Sunday, 24 July 2011

High Sheriff and Sheriffina

Lovely evening in a marquee at Bignor Roman Villa, Sussex

The new High Sheriff of Sussex, David Tupper and his wife Hilary continued their celebrations of his Office, with a dinner for their friends...
The venue has significance as it was a Tupper ancestor, George Tupper in 1811 who discovered the remains here. It is also one of the richest finds in the country; a very posh old farm and house indeed.

Lots of Sussex airs were heard; The High Sheriff of Sussex's March, Sussex by the Sea and by request... Old MacDonald's Farm - an old TLQ piece which the Sheriffina had caught on youtube
Everyone joined in with Sussex by the Sea, and naturally, in The Lambeth Walk...

Also we were able to show the public our new Cricket CD, as we had received the first copies just that day...

A great way to start our summer hols... tho' the second Taj weekend, a tour to Canada and a trip to Spain beckon in August.

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