Tuesday, 2 April 2019

FEB in DE in March, then London

Marvellous times in this most interesting of times...
Three great concerts in Germany, discussing... Full English Brexit!

Wilhelmshafen, Friztlar and Wangen im Allgau (a mere 1333km all told!).

The good people of Fritzlar were splendid enough to provide this for us - as we know no contractual arrangement between UK & Europe is possible without a backstop - great that ours was so close, just over the road from the venue!

All three were a great success, and fully emotionally charged - we were of course keen to say that whatever stance anyone in the UK takes over the 'B' word, no-one wants us to be anything but friends - we definitely felt the love in the room.

We were of course treated wonderfully by all three venues as ever - great food and splendid comforts.
This was our sixth visit to Wangen - we first came in 1999 - what a great joy - wonderful to see Maria and Alfred once more - still in charge!

All in all a lovely trip around Germany on the eve of Brexit (tho' here we are still in limbo!)

We chased home for a small intimate function at The Garrick Club - very good to be inside these hallowed walls - glorious - great to support those who keep The Theatre alive and kicking in the UK.
We even sang a piece with words by Garrick himself (music by Thomas Arne) - The Beer-drinking Briton - a huge privilege.

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