Friday, 19 January 2018

Full English Brexit !

People of Nuneaton (and surrounding areas) - Abbey Theatre, Friday 2nd February at 7.30...
Come and have fun!

Having started in the Pheasantry, Chelsea just before New Year, we gave three try-out performances in Belgium of Full English Brexit...
...and delighted to say that the shows went down very well.

We started with a 2PM show at Deurne, then two evening performances in Boechout and Herent.
At all three we were returning to venues we've been to before and it was great to be back.
For these shows we played the piano ourselves.... well Mike and Chris played most (and I - Mark - did a bit)... which was a very interesting experience... and people were very complimentary about it all; certainly it is very good for the brain to do the show in such a way!
So with music about Agincourt (written in 1415), Beer-drinking Britons, and the History of the European Referendum; and by Beethoven, Walton, Noel Coward, Flanders and Swann, Neil Sedaka, Paul Simon and Stephen Sondheim (as well as some by ourselves), we explored Brexit in a musical manner...

We ended with our song... Sorry... and then Dudley Moore's Goodbye-ee - tho' very much hoping this is not a finality!

We did meet some old friends at these concerts, who were also reassuringly positive... hooray... we look forward to carrying on this journey around Europe later in the year.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do... but we'll keep travelling around Europe and singing all about it!

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