Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Montabaur - Folk & Fools Day

Folk & Fools?
...which were we? (perhaps both!)

We shared a Folk and Fools evening at the Mons Tabor Stadhalle in Montabaur, Germany with the hilarious French duo... Duel; and the Irish folk band Caladh Nua....

Another terrific German audience embraced us all... they came in the hall before 7PM and left after midnight!

This great evening's journey was started by us taking the crowd from Henry VIII (and his Pastime with Good Companye) to Cricket Tea Towel - The Rules of Cricket; from a 16th-century Pavane (Belle qui tiens ma vie...) to the Tiger Rag... With a Little Help from My Friends...
From the off, they were a splendid crowd and they continued supporting all three acts that evening!
Splendid warmth emanated from the hall & it was an excellent experience!

Duel are a quite hilarious and inexhaustible pair of brilliant french guys... a cellist and a pianist who can really play... and can really mess about too... splendid... with a fine line in crazy percussion & props! They brought to mind both our old friends, the English duo, The Cambridge Buskers & the excellent French act, Le Quatuor... but these chaps are wonderful in their very own way! (Just realised that the two acts I just mention and TLQ were all born within a few years of one another:- what a fecund time for comedic classical acts!)

The evening ended with the vibrant full-folk Irish sounds of Caladh Nua...

Local photographer Gregor Eisenhuth took wonderful photos of the evening... and they can be found here.

Now it is beginning to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas....

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