Monday, 27 October 2014

Repentigny, Québec and coming home...

Delightful end to tour in a beautiful church in Repentigny...with an excellent acoustic.
11 years ago, we were here too... such bravery to have us back so soon!

All went well, but especially wonderful to sing our classical repertoire in the church... Comment Amour, Bist du bei Mir, Priez pour paix and Oblivion each feeling very good from up at the front.

Everyone there very happy and jolly and so keen to help and be kind.
Thank you to all.

Also they had a veracious appetite for CDs & songbooks; lots of smiling faces after the show.
Relief, I expect.

So another great tour of Canada is over; such a splendid territory for us for the last eleven years... long may it continue.

We chased off after the concert for Ottawa (& an airport hotel), so we were "ready" to get up at 3.45 for the silly o'clock to Toronto so we could get home in one day.... and thus here we are!

Glad to be home; and good to be able to go to David Rayvern Allen's funeral tomorrow.

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