Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mike Smith's funeral

A very moving and sad occasion yesterday.
Mike Smith's funeral.
In glorious Summer sunshine we joined friends and family of the broadcaster & helicopter pilot to celebrate the far-too-early demise of Smithy.

It was a huge honour to be invited...
We helped lead the singing of the excellent music choices; Bring Me Sunshine & Lean on Me & also sang the piece that Cantabile - The London Quartet premiered at Mike and Sarah's wedding 25 years ago... written by Julie Cooper & our old friend Hugh Wooldridge - Pageant!

Many speeches from friends and family were appropriately warm and loving, but Sarah made an especially wonderful speech bringing tears to eyes and lumps to throats... goodness knows how she managed to say it all, but filled with Mike's celebrated joie de vivre, she insisted that life would & could go on.

A beautiful event - as ever with funerals both miserable and life-enhancing.

We can't help but notice that after Mel's last year, this is the second summer during the Edinburgh Festival in which we have sung at the funeral of an M Smith... hoping this does not become a habit...

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Damon Marsh said...

Condolences. That is such a beautiful speech. I hope the funeral went well enough to distill the fondest memories of Mike Smith, enough to make you all live and breathe it. There are a lot that a nice funeral service can add for that purpose. Thanks for sharing that!

Damon Marsh @ Inland Memorial