Friday, 7 February 2014

Engis & Linkebeek, BE

Two nights at Engis and one at Linkebeek allowed us to flex our linguistic muscles... Engis (near Liège) was indeed French-speaking (tho' we had been discussing a gig in En-giss and not On-jee); and Linkebeek is on the linguistic border just away from Brussels, so we spoke some Dutch, but tried not to get embroiled in the language frictions in this part of Belgium (there is a French-speaking mayor here)!

But a splendid time was had by all... we were performing a cappella concerts, Madrigal to McCartney, and as ever, enjoyed our forays into the Belgian countryside!

Now we have arrived in Temse for our last show of this tour... the glorious Eurostar home to flooded & wet England tomorrow! (the rain has just hit Belgium).


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