Monday, 13 January 2014

post-Minsk videos

Well, we are back from Belarus, and what a splendid 40 hours we spent there!
Lovely to share more time with Camerata, the wonderful 7-part a cappella group from Minsk... & for us all to have a party at the Embassy (in Karl Marx Street!), hosted by HE Ambassador Bruce Bucknell and his wife Henrietta; with Yuliya also answering every problem we threw at her at all times..

To join our aeroplane video as on last blog, we were on the Belarusian News too...
Do have a look (they asked us to walk like that!)...

We had a wonderful busy time, visiting the church, singing for the Metropolitan & others, sharing a meal with a roomful of Orthodox priests & listening to them sing, being interviewed & filmed, being given flowers, chocolates and candles as presents, performing a splendid joint concert with Camerata, being entertained by the UK Embassy... including Vodka, natch... & excellent caviar (we were lucky that the Ambassador and his wife were given some caviar as a Christmas present).
We had no time for sightseeing!

...and I am delighted to say that our Russian intros (we were advised by Camerata to speak Russian, rather than Belarusian) went down very well, and people really knew what we were saying - phew!

So we must come back.... everyone was splendid here & clearly enjoyed all that we offered them.
How gorgeous.

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