Friday, 9 August 2013

Mel Smith's funeral

Last week, Peter Brewis, an old friend of Cantabile & Mel & Griff's MD asked us to sing at Mel Smith's funeral. 
An truly honourable invitation!

Cantabile were asked in the 80s & 90s to sing quite a number of musical routines for gags on the BBC (Alas) Smith & Jones shows; so Peter thought it would be fine if we sang Ar hyd y Nos (All Through The Night) to send the great man off... We had an interesting tussle with the organist once the English words started... and the congregation joined for two verses... he must have thought it needed to be one only... giggles all round.

As you can imagine the speeches were also very funny:- lots of laughter during this event! - Of course Griff gave a wonderful tribute...

Good to see Richard & Griff in a manly-Footlights-embrace at the end.... they teach this sort of thing at Cambridge, you know!

Moving and Hilarious - a rather tremendous afternoon... a smattering of famous types around... I can't tell you who now, can I?

Thank you, Peter, Griff ...and of course, Mel...

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