Friday, 26 July 2013

St Michaeliskirche, Hildesheim

Beautiful sunny summer evening in St Michaeliskirche, Hildesheim
Lovely building and excellent acoustic. (Do look at above link...)

Entitled O Sing Joyfully! - we sang early music for the most part for the first half... Arcadelt, Henry VIII, Hildegard of Bingen, Byrd, Mozart & Batten (whose anthem provided the title).... as well as Bist Du bei mir (Stölzel, of course) and Thoinot Arbeau, with some Peter Warlock touches (two movements from Capriol).

Our more conventional fare in the second half from Johann Strauss to Billy Joel via Ellington and Frank Sinatra.

Our delightful German audience were happy to join us in our journey from the middle of the 12th century to today!  ...and seemed gloriously happy about it.
Thanks so much for Sven for looking after us...

Another sojourn to Germany next weekend (Fritzlar (with Voxnorth from Denmark) and Friedrichshafen)... more fun in the sun!

btw.... two brushes with fame... I walked past Andy Flower at Heathrow before this trip (he's the England Cricket Coach - doing quite a good job at the mo!) & also, when I went to see Maria Freidman's wonderful production of my favourite musical ever - Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along - A certain Lord Lloyd Webber was in the audience... small world, eh!?

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey from old to contemporary music, particularly the very old, and the new - ah, well, let's say, I enjoyed the whole thing very much! Thank you for a wonderful evening... evening...evening - and, by the way, I remember Schellack recordings, but we DO have CDs over here, too :-)!