Friday, 14 June 2013

London in the summer

London in the Summer - What could be better!
First port of call, The Oval, naturally... the only disappointment being that England were beaten by Sri Lanka!  However, the match was excellent; we batted well & they batted better!

Also in the crowd near us, was tenor Richard Edgar-Wilson - too far away for me to bellow over the crowd, & they were so very careful about everyone being in the correct section of the ground... but belatedly hello, Richard, should you read this!

...and what else might one do?  Go to a summer concert of course.
July 9th we are very much looking forward to... we will get to perform two things that need greater forces to occur... Brilliantly we are joined by St Edmund's Canterbury's choirs...

Love Makes the World Go Round - David Cullen's sparkling arrangement of the jolly Noel Gay song, in 22 parts!
Over the Rainbow - Andrew Pryce Jackman's excellent arrangement from A Tribute to Hollywood for 2 of each of the group, so we can do it with the school's vocal group...

Come to the Grosvenor Chapel on July 9th - not to be missed!

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