Sunday, 19 May 2013

Horsham Music Circle & two gigs to come

Splendid evening at the Capitol, Horsham, as part of the Horsham music Circle's 71st season - they started (keeping the home front's pecker up, no doubt) in 1942...
Wonderful of course, that they are still going and that we can be a small part of it.

Of course, we were treated very well by the people who run the Music Circle, & lots of food was available for us... & we sold really quite a lot of our new songbooks - which is always good...

Easy trip home on a fast train too - amazing to be home at 11.10 & see the last of Denmark's winning of Eurovision.

A couple of gigs to flag up - should anyone be in the environs...

8th June - Ilkley Playhouse
9th July - Grosvenor Chapel, central London - an excellent joint concert with the wonderful school:- St Edmund's, Canterbury

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