Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Esch, Lux - New Year Concert

Delightful late afternoon of New Year's celebration in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg); thank you to Charles, Marc and the rest of the team who invited us & looked after us so well.
We did our conventional mix of the silly and the serious - the audience liked our Beatles-on-a-train & our Bee Gees 'tribute'!
But yes, we did some Strauss! (Blue Danube & Radetsky) & we were very happy to be joined by our old friend Paul Plummer at the piano.  He was not let down by the European train system...
... sadly another old friend Gertie was let down by her (only a few months old) car, which failed to get her to Luxembourg... except in time to hear the last few hand claps.  Some might say she drew the longest straw by sampling the after-show champagne reception without having had to suffer a single note of music!
Sold lots of our CDs and our new songbook - hooray!
Splendid hotel too; and a great way to celebrate the birth of 2013...

We'll talk to you throughout the year!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cantabile,

we thoroughly enjoyed your concert yesterday afternoon. A wonderful way to ring in the new year.
I've been trying to teach Guy the rules of cricket for over 3 decades - and you managed it in something over 3 minutes. Oh well.
Anyway, lovely to see (and hear) you again - and no, the champagne wasn't the longest straw!
Looking forward to your next visit to Esch but meanwhile, once again, a happy and successful 2013.
With best wishes from
Guy and Ariel Wagner,
Beidweiler, Luxembourg