Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dewsbury, Yorks.

A day trip up north for a lunchtime concert in Dewsbury Town Hall.
Wonderful old-school tradition of municipal music season (not so usually seen these days); and many turned out on a sharp sunny day for lunch and our concert.

Having celebrated the Yorkshire Calendar Girls in the RAH a few days before, it was good to be in God's own county.  (Tho' Mike did remind them, before his rendition of Myfanwy that, of course, Wales is God's own country).

Great hall to sing in, tho' with a squeaky-to-the-foot front stage; undoubtedly safe, but still a bit disconcerting...
...dis-concert-ing!! Geddit?

Excellent pint of Yorkshire beer (Black Sheep should you wish to know) on the way home.

Soon to be off to the USA for a mid-west tour; & to take a peek at the elections over there...

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