Saturday, 17 December 2011

Erpe-Mere, BE

A very Christmas-filled a cappella evening in the church at Erpe-Mere [quite near Brussels]... lots of festiveness, some serious, some lighter, and a packed church of happy faces.
Glorious - and a great deal of action at the CD table afterwards - we are lucky that people have been so lax buying presents, and need to rush to us!
As ever, in Belgium, glorious food abounded - my big brochette especially fine...
Presently at Sheraton at Brussels Airport, we fly to Switzerland pretty early tomorrow for the last four gigs before Christmas break.

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irinasouvandjiev said...

I was there in Mere. Wonderful, stunning, like nothing I had ever seen, and I have no doubt that every concert in the future (for I will certainly come to listen/look again) it will be of the same quality, originality and entertainment level (no pressure guys! :) )