Saturday, 27 August 2011


Great evening in Church Square, Altafulla... a perfect acoustic with the stage set up in the corner; our voices bouncing off the walls.
The audience are well used to a great range of music for their Festival as David van Asch has given them lots of treats as Festival Director. Having had a few years off, he is back this year, and the vocal music came back...
A French choir gave a programme of Francis Poulenc and Eric Whitacre last month and much else besides - and then there was us...

Everyone seemed jolly about our speaking to them in Catalan [es mol bé], and the promised storm and wind stayed in Barcelona, and did not bother us during our gig.
The man in charge of Culture from the Town Hall was also happy - which was nice!
...and once more we sold Cricket CDs to an unsuspecting country!

The post-concert refreshments at Faristol [Music stand in Catalan] were very Spanish, and thus splendid...

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