Sunday, 15 August 2010

end of tour

We met a great deal of fascinating people on our recent tour: André-Gilles Duchemin, the Artistic Director of the Festival classique des Hautes-Laurentides, world-renowned flautist [taught by Galway amongst others] and a Canadian star - delightfully complimentary about our contribution to his festival. Also we met a lady who won the Prix de l'Europe and went to Paris in the 1950s to study with Nadia Boulanger [her pupil's pupil (Camille Nguyan) performed quite superbly as a prelude to us at Lanoraie]. At this concert we were offered the most splendid afternoon tea party with 9 separate teas, but there was also another link with the Prix de l'Europe; a previous winner (in 1929) was composer and baritone Lionel Daunais - in our Québec concerts we have been singing his excellent song about culinary matters, and the eponymous Québecois dish, La Toutière [Pork, potato & vegetable shortcrust pie]. We found we had been singing the song a few metres from where he lived, and that the townspeople are in the throes of saving his house from he developers.
No-one offered us any (so forgive me if the above description is a travesty) - although they confirm that it is eaten all the time!
We are on holidays for a while now before new photo session end of next week, a quick trip to California, and then on into rehearsals for our week at The Bridewell Theatre, accompanied by pianist Chris Hatt - (13th-18th Sept. at 7pm, & 3pm on Saturday):

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